Humanities Unit – Course Requirement

Courses offered in the Unit
1. G.S.P. 207 – Logic, Philosophy and Human Existence.
2. G.S.P. 208 – Nigeria Peoples and Cultures.
Credit Unit
Each course carries two credit units and every student is required to pass the courses to graduate from the University.
Course Requirement
It is mandatory for all students, both regular and over-staying, to attend lecturers and also participate actively in seminars. Assignments are equally compulsory for all. In addition, in G.S.P. 208, a term paper is required. The topics for the term paper are usually based on culture and other related social issues. In the term paper, the student is also expected to demonstrate proper documentation ability.

Term Paper Topics for G.S.P. 208
Term paper topics are usually assignment by the group leaders/lecturers concerned.

Course Evaluation and Grading
The students are expected to attend at least 75% of the lecturers as a prerequisite qualification to sit for the examination. Grades in the course shall be awarded in this format:
i. 30 marks – continuous assessment (attendance, class assignment and term papers)
ii. 70 marks – semester examination
Students shall participate and acquire marks in the two assessment categories if they are to earn of final grade in the course.
There are no fees attached to the collection of admit cards and/or course registration. All students offering our courses should register within the first six (6) weeks from the date of resumption, attend lecturers regularly, and observe the dress code suitable to their department or field.

It is also advised that the students consult with their lecturers and program coordinators for clarification of any doubt.