Humanities Unit – Vision Statements And Mandates

A student is expected to confront the belief systems in their diverse modes of appearance with the intellectual arms of critical and analytical thinking. Thus, the unit aims to:
a. To create a functional, globally competitive & research-focused University which is not just an Ivory Tower, but responsive to the needs of the society, while delivering World-class education and Knowledge.
b. To instill a sense of patriotism in the students and enable them to appreciate Nigeria peoples and cultures, while promoting the care values which will ensure the “restoration of the man”.
The Methods of the Unit
There are mainly two kinds of method used in the Unit, namely: lecturers and seminars. The lecturers are delivered by experts in various fields, while for the seminars, the students are organized into groups or departments and are led by a seminar leaders, usually the lecturer. Selected topics are discussed and debated by the students in the seminars as guided by their leader.